I’m a researcher in Computer Science. Currently, I work as a postdoc at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, and as a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

My research focuses on how to process efficiently very large amounts of data using parallel and/or distributed architectures. I’m interested in computation that extracts new (and interesting) knowledge from very large datasets, like the Web. For example, during my PhD I researched methods to perform reasoning (which can be seen as a logic-based type of processing) over very large amounts of structured Web RDF data using clusters of machines.

This is my personal website. Here I intend to put all the relevant things about my work that can (possibly) interest other people. In case you want to know something more personal about me, I like sports and simply enjoying life. I speak Italian (my mother language), English (fluent), and Dutch (good). I also remember about 50 kanjis, which is not enough to claim that I can speak Japanese.

Here you can read a short biography about me. Here I describe the research projects I am (or was) involved, while here I report a list of all my publications (with links to PDF copies). A (incomplete) list of my publications is also available on DBLP or on Google Scholar.